Things that go bump in the knight...

Who are the Bumper Knights?

Spring is an orphaned farmhand whose parents were killed by evil catchpoles. She took up arms against the barons to prevent others from suffering the same fate as her family. Brash and stalwart, she will never give up fighting for justice.
Spring is the thing.
Pierce is fierce.
Pierce was a merchant who ran his family's grocery business into the ground through acts of kindness. His practice of accepting the smiles of needy customers as payment turned off the wealthy investors who provided the store's goods.
Appel is unparalleled with a sword, but due to her lowborn stratum, she is forbidden to duel. In violation of this edict, she challenged a cruel, wealthy landowner. She was victorious, but the mere fact that she challenged him made her an outlaw.
Appel macht schnell.
Thud is a stud.
Thud was a page, bound in servitude to a nobleman. He was instructed to collect an onerous debt from a peasant, but he steadfastly refused and was imprisoned for his disobedience. Upon his release he swore an oath to be the embodiment of true nobility.